Delux pedicure chair.


I am interested in having one of these in my salon. The whirl pool foot spa and massaging seat sounds wonderful.
Does anyone have one and how do they charge for it?
Is plumbing it in problem free?
Cheers xx


Well, in my salon we have three pedi chairs. Our clients are in love with them.. but they can be a pain on our end.

1. The drains get slow draining really easy. Our drain holes don't have strainers so stuff gets stuck in 'em like toenails and things. So draino is a best friend.

2. We had to run a line of pipe down our wall in order to put them in a good spot. But this isn't aweful cuz it's easy to paint over.

3. You REALLY have to clean these things. I mean really. Because germs and stuff get stuck off in the jets. And if you don't drain the jets, water just sits in 'em. But this can be solved by draining the jets between clients and doing a great disinfectant between clients and overnight.

4. You can only use certain things in the water because it bubbles a LOT. But we use Epsom salt and Calgon. So it's not a big problem.

But other then a few pains... it's wonderful. Some of my clients come just for the chair haha. We even have hair clients who'll sit in one while they process because of the massage thing. We love them and I wouldn't ever go back to the foot bath again.


i have one and it does ok but its not busy enough! i have it in a back room so im thinking of bringing it out the front. what do you's think?


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After what I've heard about them I wouldn't put my feet in one.
No offense to anyone who has one but unless I knew the tech and the sanitation I just couldn't do it.
Another reason I don't like jacuzzis unless I'm 5 star and ACTUALLY watch the maid clean it properly.
Mind you saying that...I don't like swimming pools either...I have a hatred of other peoples urine, pubic/body hairs and elastoplast.
It would be great to go to a salon and WATCH the tech do the sanitation before the procedure actually takes place.
This is worth a read ....


In our salon we don't do it before the client gets there, but we do it after we are finished with the client. That way they see us sanitizing it and they know that we take special care to ensure that disinfection fully takes place. This is always a good idea because a lot of people feel the same way as 1999judy. But some people just don't like the idea of the whirlpool and that's why I would still have a foot basin on hand. But the whirlpool chair is a big hit at my salon and if you're up to the disinfecting procedures, I would suggest getting one.


Thanks guys, thats given me food for thought! Think i might put this on the back burner for a while. Stick to the good old fashioned foot spa.
I saw this detox foot baths at the Edinburgh show a few years ago, very interesting, but i couldn't get near it, the stand was so busy. Might look into this?! xx