Demi or permanent Wella

Hi I need of some advice again,I have a client who is a base 6/7 in different areas with subtle highlights. Her hair is very dull, orange in some places and she wants to go something like 6/74 wella. I’m not sure if it’s best to use a Demi or permanent? Shall I use permanent and half base to avoid root glow and m/e use Demi in the same colour or should I just use Demi with added base at the root and just the 6/74 all over? Thanks

I mean permanent on roots and ends or Demi roots to ends


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I'm not sure if 6/74 is a colour touch shade.
But you could always use 3 parts 6/7 colour touch + 1 part 66/44 colour touch. Colour touch would be my go to, as the shine you get from it is amazing, it leaves the hair in beautiful condition and is perfect for depositing a new colour. The only time I'd use a permanent is if you were going lighter, need an intense colour, or covering more than 50% grey

I was thinking using the new affinage converter so it changes any permanent colour into tone on tone. But I like the idea of colour touch as your right the shine is lovely. Thank you for that advice that’s helped a lot x