Deposits for hair extensions?


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So im just starting out in micro rings so doing a big discount on them to get my experience and portfolio

Im only charging 20/30 for fitting and ret is the hair

However how do you calculate your deposit amount? Without being out of pocket



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Ask them for enough to cover the cost of the hair. That way if they change their mind about fitment then you're not out of pocket. Explain during the consultation that once you've ordered the hair it cannot be changed and the deposit for the hair is non refundable. If you don't feel you can do that then I'd definitely consider asking for no less than 50%. What you have to take in to consideration is that you may be left with hair that will be absolutely useless to you.

Euphoria One Hair

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We'd always ask for deposits for the cost of the hair, but ensure you're aware of the returns policy of the company too so if the client cancels, you're not left with hair you don't need. x


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I always take deposit to cover the cost of hair and postage and if the client cancels I give them the hair x