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  1. FACE Beauty Bar
    I'm new to this site and just thought I'd start off by asking the opinion on Dermal Filler Courses. Not Botox.

    I currently do Microblading, Semi Permanent Make Up and Lash Extensions but want to expand my business.

    I'm not medically trained and even though there is so many courses available for me to do I hear so many different rules about it.

    Can anyone enlighten me to what the current regulations are please?

    Thanks :)
  2. BBank

    I currently do microblading and am thinking about doing a course in fillers too. The two seems to complement each other. Ive done lots of research because I'm super nosy! As far as I'm aware Dermal fillers is fine as long as its not botox. The negativity seems to be coming from those who don't want injectables administered by non-medics but I've seen lots of successful business run by those who aren't. Eg, flawless cosmetics(have a mixture of both nurses/non medics).

    My only concern is insurance and licensing. I had to have a special treatments license to practise microblading in my council. I'm a person who likes to do everything 120% by the books.

    What are your thoughts on this?

    Thanks Fran :)
  3. nailpod
    Sorry to sound like a party pooper ladies but there isn't a chance in hell I would ever go to anyone shoving a needle in my face by a non doctor.
    90 % of my clients feel the same.

    Are you yourself a fully qualified beauty therapist ? That would also have helped ease client's minds if you are , due to the level of training for e.g. Anatomy Physiology classes we got were pretty intense. And I know every muscle bone in the face and what moves what and how. And how each or why certain skin conditions would react to things , all play huge part . It's not just the injection itself , which I am sure you could administer well enough.

    At the end of the day it is entirely your choice to do the course or not. Perhaps ask to have a list of students or check their pages of past students to view their work speak to them see what they have felt the course was offering etc
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