Dermaplaning query

Hi my friend has just had dermaplaning and a chemical peel to follow immediately. Here are the results after 3 days. Should her skin look like this, especially, the scratches? Any help very appreciated DCDDE002-9859-49B0-88D7-256FDAB99B45.jpeg DCDDE002-9859-49B0-88D7-256FDAB99B45.jpeg C758AD2D-EFB8-4B17-9C4C-4EDAA2C34BC4.jpeg


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I’m not experienced in this area but if that was my own skin I’d go back to where I had it done and show her.


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Surely the treatment has been done improperly to cause that? Can't be right.
Definitely show the salon these photos. Looks like the scalpel has cut too low.

I'm not experienced in this but is it normal to do a chemical peel after dermaplaning anyway? Surely the scalpel has removed any skin that can be exfoliated? My guess would be to apply a calming mask not more exfoliation - but i'm not qualified in this so perhaps some who is can tell us?

You can dermaplane and peel, but it depends what peel you use and how long you leave it on for, peels are always more intense after a dermaplane. From my limited experience it looks like shes gone too many layers deep with the blade, is the lady who did it experienced in peels? I would've thought there would be some frosting, in which case the peel should have been neutralised immediately. Your friend needs to go back to where she had it done, it could be an insurance case as well. She definitely needs to go back ASAP! Are the red areas and scabs on the chin from the peel too?

The reason I mention insurance by the way is because where I trained my trainer showed me a picture of a lady where the peel had frosted and it caused burns similar to what is shown in the picture, and the trainer said the therapist who did the treatment was lucky the client didnt claim


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It looks like there was no balm used causing the the blade to drag and leave little marks like cuts. Yes you can peel after dermaplane, without knowing what peel has been used it hard to comment, the skin usually does darken after some peels it then peels away after a few days, it's obviously caught where the blade has nicked the skin. It does look like it's been left on too long and has caused frosting on chin. She should definitely go back but she would have signed paperwork to say there are risks during a peel. If that was my client I would like to know what I have done and offer some kind of compensation. It will heal, it looks awful, but you do go through an awful looking stage after a peel, it may just take more time.