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Advice on best companies to train in dermaplaning with please?

What you charge for it, and your area would also be helpful :)

Thanks in advance xx


Gl hnb
Dermaplane uk. £45 for basic if i add a pel £55 x


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Me lol.... I wrote the textbook. I was one of the UK's first FULLY qualified male beauty therapists. Adv Electrologist. Naturopath. I'm also medically qualified (BSc Graduate in Podiatry) and have been practising dermaplaning for over 20 odd years. My courses are CPD accredited and come with a FREE Skin Peel and Advanced Prescription Only Products licensure course. Entry is minimum Level 2 in Beauty Therapy. I also provide ongoing help and mentorship and have a YouTube channel where you can go to see educational videos. My mission is to help others to get the skills they want to do the job they want and earn the living they want so that they can secure their future.
If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me. You can find me across all social media. Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. YouTube. MeWe etc.
Charges for these services vary by your geographical location. E.G. the service would be more expensive in London than in Glasgow. In London, it may well be around £120. Whereas in Glasgow it will be around £45. Add a skin peel on and a SkinFuzione treatment and it's extra. Again in Glasgow for combined, we can get around £90.
Hope this helps.
Nicky J Pearce X