Desk dust collector help?


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Krystal Queen

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Jul 18, 2019
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Newport, Isle of Wight
Hi all. Iv bought a second hand nali desk but the fan has been disconnected or something.
I'm training at college and couldn't afford a new desk and the person I got it from said she bought it in good faith herself second hand and didn't know the fan wasn't working. So I got it so cheap, £20. Iv tried to figure out how it all works but it's all built into the desk. a fan is in the middle this I can access. And can be removed but no bag to collect dust.
Then there is a round hole under the drawer compartment that looks like a space for a tube of some sort or hose also one on the outside of the desk..
Does anyone have any advice on my poor description lol. I would love to get it going. Thankyou

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