Desperatley seeking a hair dresser asap


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Hi All, I'm a nail geek not hair geek so bare with me lol.

I had my hair done a couple of times by Lavender Blue but desperately need it doing again, with one thing or another I'm guessing Elaine is very very busy at the moment so I am posting here in the hope that someone can help a geek in need.

She foiled my hair, leaving some of my natural base colour in and used 3 or 4 different shades of blonde to make it look natural.

I am looking for someone to do the roots for me. When I say roots, what I actually mean is about 6 inches of my hair needs colouring as it's almost a year since Elaine did it.

I hope she dont mind me posting but I've tried and tried to get hold of her but I'm thinking maybe Uni and courses she is doing is keeping her out of trouble.

My hair is fairly long and I can send a pic to anyone who can help me.

I'm in Cannock in staffordshire and would prefer someone to come to my house, I dont mind paying extra although i will travel locally.


Rachel xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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Anybody??? Please :hug: