Diet tea?


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Hi all!
I know there are loads of diets tea's out ther, have started on Slimatee this week, doing a bit of a brisk bikini diet ahed of my holiday in 3 weeks

Probably not the best idea on a work week in the salon.. on day 3 but getting some crampy episodes after eating a snack at work and worried the "effects" might hit me while doing a client. Has anyone else used this tea? Feeling a little uneasy! :eek: Maybe I made it too strong, plus had two cups of it yesterday.


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Just googled the product and it contains plant based laxatives so will probably give you diarrhoea.
Hope you’re near a loo with a window! :eek:
You’d be better off losing the diet drinks and drinking more water and following a sensible eating plan - with lots of fresh vegetables and fruit.
If I want to lose a few pounds in a couple of weeks, I make lots of veg soups and veg stews and can easily lose 6lbs in a week if I keep my total calorie intake below 1200cals a day. It’s not something I’d do longer term though.


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You were right! :eek: lol


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Diet teas are a load of ****, no pun intended! Up your water intake & fruit & veg but also less carbs..sorted