Difference between top & base coat in bottles that look alike?


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I accidentally tore off the label that said base/top coat on my gel polishes. Apart from the labels, everything else on the actual bottle is the exact same and there is no indication of which one is which (apart from some numbers engraved on the bottom of the bottle). How can I tell the difference between them? So far my only idea is to just trial and error swatches from each bottle with the UV lamp and see which one works most like a top/base coat. Please advise

Have you checked the ingredients? I found with the brand Halo Pure Nails, the top and base coat have exactly the same ingredients which leads me to believe they are the same... not sure if that helps or not!


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My top coat glows white in the led lamp when applied. So yes trial it, I don't know if it will do the same under uv though. You may have to do 2 coats to really see the glow....obviously you will not be using very much product but well worth finding out..
If it glows it's top , if it doesn't it's base. Well my cuccio does so good luck .