Disappointed in my new hair


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Hi everyone,

I hope someone can give me some advice or info. I went to a hair appointment yesterday to have green staining removed from my waist-length bleached (balayage from the ears down) hair, put alot more ash blonde put in to the still dark brown ontop of my head, and a cut and blowdry. I had been fading out Manic Panic's Ultraviolet for the whole of lockdown, and it had left it a light mint green.

My hairstylist used all the tricks to remove the stubborn green, and then toned it with a coppery colour to even it. Then she began the foils.
Unfortunately, I had more cut off than I had wanted - to bra strap length. I really wish I had stuck to my guns with the length I had planned, but this is besides the point of my post.

My issue is - for some reason, she decided to put certain multi-tones throughout my hair. The underneath has a great amount of dark chocolate brown put in. I hadn't been told that she would do this.. My intention has always been to get lighter and ashier. I feel like she probably did it to cover the copperiness of the removal she had already done.
I asked her - will this dark fade? is it a toner? She said yes. I want to know from other professionals - is this the case? The hair was originally bleached to a level 9-10 before all this, so it feels like a waste to see it so dark (as my natural colour was) I'm panicking that it won't fade/become light again, and I feel saddened to have paid so much for a look that I didn't want.
I must commend her on the removal of the green, but this outcome is not what I wanted, and feels like it's taken me further from my end goal.

Can anyone tell me the nature of these darker toners? I don't know whether to jump into the shower and wash my hair with Head & Shoulders, thus wasting the entire toner. I feel like I ought to message her tomorrow to ask her about all of this too. Sorry for the long post, and any help is appreciated.


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Don’t use head and shoulders or washing up liquid or any other diy method. All you will do is dry out already damaged hair as it’s not designed as a colour remover.

I’m guessing that your hairdresser couldn’t remove the direct dye because it had stained your bleached hair and so she was trying to neutralise it. Direct dyes are great but if used on bleached hair, they invariably grab and stain it. Purples naturally fade out to blue which over bleached hair will go a pale minty green. (blue + yellow = green) She’d have needed to use a red based colour to neutralise the green, so not copper and I’m guessing the copper went very orange so she probably used the dark brown to then cover the copper.

It’s impossible for anyone here to know if she used a toner or what type of colour in your hair but if it was only in your hair for about 5 mins, it’s more likely to be a toner.

Did she spend much time on your consultation?

Did she advise about ongoing maintenance and when to book for your colour refresh appointment?

The brown will fade soon enough, especially if your hair is very porous leaving the orange/copper behind. You might be better visiting a colourist next time who understands how to remove different types of colour. However, if your hair is very porous, your options are more limited as no colour will last for long on damaged hair. :(


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Thank you for replying.
I called her this morning, and she answered my questions. She explained that the chocolate brown is semi-permanent, and that it will fade.. and that the intention was for it to fade into an ashier colour which will blend better for our next appointment, and get me closer to where I want to be.

The next step would be for me to go back after 6 weeks, and add more ash blonde balayage to the top of the head. The hair is healthiest there as it is virgin and is dark right now.

I won't mess about with the underneath, and I don't want any more bleach on it. Yesterday she tried a colour remover and a bleach bath to remove the green, and I don't want any more on it as it has pushed my hair to it's limit. I will just try to get used to the colour, and systematically cut the underneath as it grows out.

I realise that she has worked hard on a solution. My main concern was if it would fade.
I am afraid of follow up appointments because I am afraid of damage from blow-drying and styling.. I think I'll ask her to do the minimum possible, and I'll baby my hair with treatments.


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...Yesterday she tried a colour remover and a bleach bath to remove the green, and I don't want any more on it as it has pushed my hair to it's limit...
You have to use a special remover for direct dyes, not one designed for oxidising colours and definitely not bleach. A good colourist will know this.


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Ah, I thought so. I don't feel good about this. I feel like I lost so much length too.
She had done the initial balayage that I first had done before I applied the ultraviolet, and I was so pleased with it.
To think that I had hiplength healthy virgin hair in January, ha. I wouldn't have minded having my hair a couple inches shorter than waist length, but certainly not bra strap length.
She wanted to cut what must have been very damaged hair. Oh well. Thank you for the info.