Disposable aprons


Hi everyone. Quick question can anyone recommend a brand of disposable apron to use please when we are allowed to work again. I’m a beauty therapist. Thanks in advance


Hi, I can't recommend a brand as I haven't used any before, but I have ordered from 3 different companies from Amazon. They were all in pks of 100 & reasonably priced . I used different companies in case one didn't deliver on the dates. Only one was before 4th july though. I'm not rushing back if they say we can on 4th july though.

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I think they are all pretty much the same regardless of a brand x


Thanks for the advice. Much appreciated


Looking at the price and availability of disposable aprons, it is quite clear there is a fair bit of profiteering going on eg £14.75 for 25 (approx £60 per 100) Thieves!

Please DO NOT forget those people!

In the hospial I work in, the guage used is 16mu, and they are not "thick". 16mu is the minimum I would be looking for.
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