Disposable paper towel, do I need it?


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Hi all.
I am setting up my beauty room at home and can’t find an answer by searching online or in my college stuff. Do I need to have a disposable paper towel/ paper towels for drying hands instead of normal towels?

I know I’ve seen it somewhere but that may have been for microblading/tattooing

Could someone help please?

Thanks x
Check with your insurance provider. I'd say clean handtowels would be fine for most treatments though x


Maybe you could use anti bac gel. I use this as I don’t have a sink in my room


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If I remember correctly (and don't ask me where I read it because it was a long time ago) hand towels are fine if changed every day and washed at 60 degrees. I couldn't be bothered with all that washing and drying so installed a paper towel dispenser.


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Thank you all.

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If you get matching flannels to your couch towels etc then you can dump them in every time you do a wash. I very rarely have anyone use my loo so I have a couple of matching flannels and give them one when they need to go and wash it with the rest. I saw it in a cheap nail bar years ago and thought it was actually a nice idea. They had nicely folded, freshly washed flannels in a box and a waste paper bin to collect the used ones ready for washing.


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Me too, flannels are my choice as well . Can't be bothered with larger towels for the laundry, We do enough washing as it is.
Anti bac gel is a must so evaporates and doesn't need to be wiped away.