Do I need insurance?


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Hi! I have a full time job (not in beauty therapy), but trained as a beauty therapist a few years ago and still do treatments on friends and family. I'm looking at doing a few more clients after work (maybe one or two a week so not loads) but hopefully will build it up. I'm just wondering what I should do about insurance? I've looked into Salon Gold and can see they offer mobile insurance for £50 a year, which I'm happy to pay. I'm just not sure at the moment if it's necessary as I'm only doing treatments on friends/family/friends of friends? Not sure if it's also worth mentioning but I am only offering gel nails/eyebrow waxing/tinting.

Advice appreciated - thank you! x


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Yes, it's important to have :)


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You don’t have to purchase insurance as it’s to cover you and your legal costs should someone decide to sue you.
However, friends and family can be the worst clients when things go wrong. :confused:


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Definitely worth getting insurance as I'm sure your client base will expand outside family once up and running.