Do I need to attend a Gellux course?


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I'm a fully qualified nail technician and have also attended an opi gelcolor course, I was offering gelcolor until recently but I found the product to be abit too expensive for my clientele,
I no longer have my opi kit and have been thinking of changing to gellux, all I wanted to know is do I need to attend the gellux course? I'm already qualified so guessing no but do I need to be brand trained to offer their products as a service??


No you don't have to do the brand training although think it is recommended as all gel polishes are slightly diff, so there will be hints and tips they can advise you on.
But no, you can buy it from salon services, capital etc as long as your a member of them stores etc.

Check out my pics I have some lovely colours, may help you choose before you buy. I love gellux, it's all over ever used though, and find it lasts really well.
(I used gelish once but it shrunk really bad, although I am aware, some colours are more prone to shrinking.)

Gellux is a good mid price range gel polish I hope you like it☺


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Personally I would recommend phoning your insurance company as some do prefer you to have specific training to the product your using, so best to check :)


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You answered my question perfectly!

I'm currently wearing gellux gold rush and I love it I find it wears nice (on me anyway)

I'll have a look at the gellux course as I think it's only about £65+vat at my local wholesaler,

I will be buying my new kit at the end of the month as capital have vat free for January so I'll get it even cheaper and may be able to afford a few extra 😉

Glad I had someone who's passionate about the brand reply
Thanks x
I've just ordered the gellux kit myself off capital. 😄

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I asked my insurance (Babtac at the time) if I was a trained nail technician in a specific system and used a Gel Polish would I be insured to use it?
I was told that as a trained tech 'you should know' , however, if you had a problem and needed insurance, then they would ask to see your 'Certificate of competence' in that particular system, which would say to me, do the training in the product you wish to use to be sure you are covered.
It also ensures you are using the product in the way the manufacturer recommends x
i have recently completed a Gellux nail course and have a few different colours, i am looking to buy various colours and have come across a site that sells Soak off colour UV nail polishes. Can i use these in-between my Gellux base/top coats or do i use this product with its own base/top and use my gel lamp


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Think I'm definitely going to get myself on the course,

Just ordered my kit hoping it arrives soon 😆