Do you prefer advertising % off or £ off?


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So for e.g. a course of 5 treatments for say £100, would you prefer to advertise it as 10% off or £10 off?

This is course gets more complex with crazier numbers e.g. £250; 10% off or £25 off?

We're having a poll at work and wondering what the general consensus is...

I like £ off - seems easier to see where the £ savings could buy me!


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I prefer 10% as it seems more...


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If I am offering money off on a course of facials, I state a % off and show the reduced fee. This way I can keep the same % discount each year but by raising the basic full price, I can still implement a price rise.

However for my seasonal / monthly offers, I don't say % off or £'s off as it doesn't seem to make any difference to the extra business it generates. I just advertise them as, for example: 'facial & manicure £49 during April'. Even if I've only deducted a couple of quid, they don't seem to bother working out the discount themselves! :)


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That's kinda my experience too; very few people bother working out the discount per session - but when stated as total amount saved; it seems to straightaway identify what can be done with that amount.
Any other opinions?