Does anyone do eyebrow extensions?


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I've been getting a lot of requests for eyebrow treatments (tinting and waxing) so booked a course with the tutor that taught me all my eyelash treatments.
I rather naively booked a course called "eyebrow extension" not realising that the treatment is exactly that; adding hair extensions to eyebrows, just like eyelash extensions!

It's something that I've never heard of before; I signed up because it mentioned waxing, plucking, shaping and tinting - all the things I wanted to learn! I thought that the "extension" in the title was just reference to it being an "extended" course beyond tinting :oops:

I can't actually find a huge amount of information online, and certainly no salons near me offer it as a service; which makes me think it can't be that popular - no one seems to have even heard of it!!

It's not the cheapest course so I wanted to ask people's opinions on here as I'm still within the cancellation period.


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I believe this treatment came out a good few years ago (not long after lash extensions became popular) but never really took off as the lashes don't adhere to the skin for very long. I did look into it at the time but decided against it. I'm sure there will be Geeks that did train in this and can advise you further.


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Yes that makes sense - I'm not that keen to be honest so I'll look to swap it for something else!


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It can be fantastic for clients who want fuller brows or those who dont have much natural hairs. Just like any other treatment though clients will have to follow aftercare advice and book regular infill appointments. As the brow area is more protruding it is subject to more rubbing especially if clients sleep on their face so depending on your clients skin (oily or dry) and whether you can apply the extensions to natural hair or just the skin it might only last approximately 2 weeks.
You will find that its more popular with clients who dont have much natural hair (through illness or other causes) and they are happy to book their regular appointments but some will also use it as a stepping stone to then have their brows done with pmu.

If you are not keen on the idea then maybe opt for precision brows as that is still a popular treatment and goes along with the skills you already have?

We looked into the eyebrow extension technique a few years ago, when it came out, and decided to pass in favour of microblading. IMO glueing hairs direct to skin has too much potential to cause harm and the results didn't impress or last long enough to make it worthwhile.
It might be worth checking out Brow Lamination. It's a technique that is becoming popular and can achieve good results, depending on the clients natural hair. It doesn't work if the client has no hair at all but It's far easier and quicker than microblading so could be a good starting point for future brow artists or therapists offering multiple treatments. The Dermagraph brow lamination course is being developed for accreditation now so it should be available in the next couple of months.