Does hair grow quicker if you cut it?


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I believe this is an old wives tale and cannot see how it could be true, the same as nails don't grow quicker if you cut them ... however there are a lot of rumours in my daughters year at school - can anyone confirm?

thank you :)


It is not true.

Cutting hair does remove split ends which could otherwise travel up the hair shaft and unnecessarily damage more of the hair strand.


cutting your hair removes split ends therefore prevents breakage ... so your hair doesnt "grow" more but will get longer since the ends wont b breaking off as much :)

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Exactly what above says :) x


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It's not true per say, but it is in theory.

If you never cut your hair:
When hair splits its keep splitting moving back up the hair shaft, meaning hair gets whispier, finer, shorter from the length, as you hair still grows at the root at the same speed, your hair 'appears' to stop growing or slow down, this is because its breaking off.

Regular trims:
You cut off the damaged dead ends (half an inch) as your hair has grown about an inch to an inch n half in this time you are left with half an inch to an inch of healthy hair that is strong and not splitting, then 6-8 weeks later have another trim, cut of just the dead ends and keep doing this your hair will grow longer faster and stay strong.


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Thank you ladies x