Does hand gel cause Shellac to lift/peel?


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Hi everyone,

sorry if this has been answered already but im struggling to find related posts.

I have a client whose Shellac lifts and peels from the corners of the free edge within a week.. she is a bartender who uses hand gel sanitiser
( problem is mostly on her right hand)

Is this commen as i've heard when working with alcohol it can cause problems with Shellac?

thanks ladies & gents xx


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In a word, yes. It's a solvent isn't it? So it could be a culprit. My mum works in a hospital and struggles to keep things on her nails because of all the alcohol gels and it tends to make her nails split too. Shellac isn't indestructible and if it lasts a week that's longer than normal polish! x


I remember when I did my l&p training that beer can have an effect? Maybe thats the problem? Plus she'll be having her hands in water a lot probs too xxxx

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If it's mostly on her right hand (assuming that is her dominant hand)... have you thought it may be something she is doing? If it was the hand gel, I would have thought it would occur on all nails if she is using it as directed.



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I have a client that works as a nurses aid, another in a pharmacy, another in a daycare.
They all use hand sanitizer very frequently.

I'm uninclined to think that's the cause of it, and more inclined to think that it's her 'working hand' and getting bashed. Probably scrapes her nails along the bar counter a lot, picking up change.

Also, she may need to consider oiling her nails more frequently. Doing the job that she does; not only is she drying them out with the frequent use of sanitzer, but has her hands in water a LOT (washing glasses, washing hands, washing counter of the bar....). So they would dehydrate faster than the average person, and the product might suffer more abuse.

Additional oiling will help to keep it plasticized and stand up to the 'attack'.

Maybe double & triple check how well you're capping/sealing the free-edge when applying the Shellac; since we know her hands are taking a beating.



Well I don't know about you or fellow geeks, but as a nail tech I'm constantly using hand sanitizer. Before and after each client. I always have Shellac on my nails and never have any problems. I'd be more inclined to think its down to harsh use of the right hand. As said above, if it was down to anything that she's used then Both hands would have issues. 😊


A nurse client of mine had this problem, shellac will last 7/10 data which is still fab but the constant use if sanitisers does effect the shellac, she seemed to think the hospital ones are exceptionally strong! X


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thanks everyone..i'll take all your advice on board and hopefully will sort it out xx


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I'm a Nurse and I use hospital grade alcohol gel. I have never had this problem with my Shellac.