Doing nails on a cruise ship?


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so ive been wanting to work on a cruise ship since my beauty school days. It seems like you have to be hired through a third party to work for the spas. so far I only know of steiner(the most well known) and canyon ranch. I hear a lot of mixed reviews for steiner. some love it and some absolutely hate them and don't recommend at all. I tried researching canyon ranch but i guess they are still fairly new to the cruise business so i can't find a lot of employee reviews of them at sea which is a little concerning.
for americans who have been with steiner where do they typically have the interview? because on the site theres no upcoming interviews any time soon. since canyon ranch is american its a little easier to access but i'm not sure which company go to for...

ALSO to nail tech who have worked on ships, how busy are you REALLY? cuz i feel like everyone gets their nails done BEFORE you go on a cruise or vacation in general


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When I worked on ships - long ago - you had to be hair & nails
As I say it was a good few years ago so could have changed
Those doing massage worked the hardest - but earned the most


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We used to have the Steiner company come and do a talk every year to our hair and beauty students at college. The therapist/speaker was always stunning and immaculate looking (unlike a lot of our students!). It's a very glamorous sounding career if you are young, free & single. They promote seeing the world and gaining excellent training etc etc but it sounds like darn hard work.
The less good bits as far as I could see (and I fully admit I've never worked on a cruise ship) were:
  • living in a tiny cabin with one other for several months
  • long hours
  • highly pressurised target setting (So if your column isn't full you walk around the ship persuading people to book in)
  • If you don't meet your daily target you have a meeting with your manager at the end of that day
The other thing which made the jaws drop of our students was the fact that if you had tattoos that show, they will not even interview you.
Made a lot of people think that one!!


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When I was at college our lecturer asked if any of us were interested in working there as her friend said they were crying out for nail techs.
A few said they heard story’s of very long hours daily and high targets and as we’d be newly qualified we all gave it a miss...


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i'm young, single, no kids or any burdens so i think now is the perfect time to do this

i know its going to be long hours and hard work i'm already mentally prepared. my very first job doing nails i was working 60 hour weeks anyways so i'm kinda use to not much free time. and from what ive searched the pay is just so-so. but honestly i'm not doing this for the money like i'm not expecting to make bank over there i just want to do this for the experience.

the thing that i'm most worried about is getting seasick. ive never been on a cruise but i need to take medicine on airplanes or i feel sick. i'm ok in the car though. if i'm with canyon ranch their contract is 7 months instead of steiner's 9 months, but i dont want to be on drugs 24/7 while i'm there.
and also i know steiner is very pushy about selling product and i'm sure you will learn at the academy how to be a good sales person but i don't really want to be pressuring people to buy stuff they don't want after they had a service to be relax. i read canyon ranch instead as persistent about retail but it just depends on the ship or something