Doing your own nails with Gelish

Hi ladies

Any tips in best how to do your own nails when using Gelish, especially when capping your own nails.

I am fine doing clients nails, but when doing my own I make such a mess of them, cannot seem to keep my hands steady. Any tips?



Practice, practice, practice.

Before I had ever done Gelish, I painted my nails with polish 2-3 times a week. I got used to capping my nails with base coat, color and top coat.

I find it easier when I go in smooth-straight motions. When I'm slow and super cautious I find it's worse, I make more mistakes because my hand starts shaking.

Whenever I accidently put Gelish on my skin or under the nail, I use a wooden stick to remove the product and keep going.


Its just practice!

Jo xx


I was struggling with this too and watched a video by fingernail fiver on YouTube where she says to turn the brush and come from the top of the nail brush down if that makes sense it really helped me :)

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another good tip is to start with the hardest hand, so if you are right handed paint that hand first, take your time and do the entire procedure on one hand then do the other hand. :D


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I used to do my wrong hand first but then I thought its better to do the good hand first then by the time u get to the other hand you're in the swing of it! It's just practice, I used to be clearing up loads round the edges but now I hardly ever have to and I can do mine in half an hour after soaking off.