dremmel vs. efile

help! i just need your 2 cents... there was a student at school yesturday that was filing her nails with a battery operated dremmel i made the comment that i need to get my e file she replied that the one she was using she got for $20 i said i didnt want a dremmel i wanted a professional e file she said under her breath that it was the best one she has ever used and has been doing nails for 20 years... i know that just bcuz i am the instructor does not mean i know everything and just because shes been doing nails for 20 years doesnt mean shes educated on them..so from my understanding an e file was made based on the idea of a dremmel but a dremmel is used for hardware and when used on nail enhancements they cause microscopic fractures in the product that leads to lifting, splits and break down in product the bits are not compatible with a efile either... any info would help and thankx in advance :D :D


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I have seen dremmels on many nail products site.

You can use the same bits and bands that you put on an efile. You would NOT use the bits that come with them as they are for wood etc.

The differences are:
efiles allow for speed control unlike cheap dremmels (pricier ones do have speed controls)
efiles are lighter , better for your wrist
efiles have lower or no vibration, which is uncomfortable for the tech and the client.
I 'think' efiles are made to withstand the dust better than dremmels are as they are intended to run for many more hours.....
There are a couple of other differences that I can't think of right now.

But, technically speaking.. they are both rotary tools.


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Dremel's aren't supposed to be used on humans, they're used for home maintenance and craft projects etc.
Beesleys Tool Shop Applications

If someone got out their Dremel and intended to use it on my nails you wouldn't see me for dust!!!


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thanks ive heard the other reasons also i just couldnt think of them and with my student it was just her mumbling under her breath... can i just say dang u ladies work fast thanx for your comments


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Dremel actually does have a drill designed for nails. The big difference between an e-file and a dremel is that you can't control the RPM's.

Rachel Mary

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The dremmel would see the back of my hand - together with the back of my hand round the back of their head! :smack:
:green: :lol:

I have a dremel that I use on my practice hand. YK, the plastic one that you can't soak off. It does adjust it's RPMs from 5-30k and I picked up diamond bits at the local hardware store in the 3/32 size as well. I've never tried it on my nails and I don't plan to try it.

I passed my test today on efiling and all the information in that chapter seemed to lead to the idea that a dremel met the requirements that it set up for efiles. I keep thinking there has to be a difference that is measurable but I really couldn't find anything outside of the dust issue in all three of my nail books.



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angel fingers

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my hubby has a dremel, for use in hobbies.:lol:
i have professional electric nail file .:green:


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a tech with a dremmel should wear a sign around her/his neck saying "it's only until I can afford a real one":)


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They are also very bulky and harder to hold which can cause more problems with hand and wrist pain.


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a tech with a dremmel should wear a sign around her/his neck saying "it's only until I can afford a real one":)

that pretty much sums it up in a nutshell :lol:
I doubt VERY much that anyone wants to use those things :confused:

Of course, it doesn't help that some nail supply sites sell them and advertise them as efiles either.


A friend of mine has a dremmel, she attached a flexible shaft to it and bought a foot pedal, watched her work with it,,,,,,,,works wonderful


Nothing against e files at all, but i wouldn't really need one to be honest. Sometimes i feel one would be good to have when rebalance time comes, but other than that, no good for me.

I have tried a dremmel when a freidn of mine got one. The noise and vibration is enought to put anyone off. If someone came to me with one of them in their hands, i would just scream, "NO!!"

It wuld be like in the dentist when you are in the waiting room and can hear the drill going......:eek: