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Apr 18, 2003
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Hi everyone :)

This week i have had 3 clients come to me for infills with terrible drill damage, and it wasnt just a once off thing , these women had it on every finger, and i could see every infill they had had, i counted the rings of fire on each finger, in one case it was 4, she had had 4 infills and i could see each one :(

These women didnt even know that it was damage from the drill! they had said it had burnt and been kind of hot , but they thought that getting your nails done it was supposed to be a little painful :(

All of them had P&W, but after explaining that it was drill damage and that i couldnt get the marks i just done a pink infill and we painted them, I explained that it would take a little while to grow it out, with one lady i soaked her nails off and put a new set of pink on for her.

This isnt the first time i have seen this and there are 3 ummm quick service nail salons in a large shopping centre near me and 2 were from the same salon and another was from one downstairs from it, i have also had mabye about 7 or 8 clients previously from these same 3 salons with the same damage, some are minimal and some are all over the nail bed, depending on how long they have been going back to them.

I know its more business for me when they come to me after leaving them, but i think its terrible that this kind of thing is allowed to happen, and these women really have no idea the damage that is being done to them and do nothing about it, i even suggested to one lady today that i should take photos of these , but where or could i send them to? Is there really anything i can do about it? or do i just keep telling clients when they come to me they have drill damage and then explain to them that it should not be a painful service?

I guess today it made me really upset, and its always from the same 3 salons, and they all have a story to tell me about it , like one tech working on each hand or someone starting their nails and another finishing them, im just really cranky and needed to rant about this as well lol

Im in Sydney and im just not sure if i can or should report them, or even if i can, and i dont want to look like im being vindictive, i just want to see them stop damaging womens nails.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated :)

Kerrie :)
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