Dumped by a client for £10 nails

Just a little update. My client that dumped me for her friends '£10 nails' has just text me to book for xmas crystal toes and rockstar!! :)
tell her you're full!
What's that saying ....

Nice nails aren't cheap & cheap nails aren't nice ??

You did the right thing by not being snotty with her, that way she wouldn't feel like she's shot herself in the foot by going for a cheaper version.

tell her you're full!
Ha, a tiny weeny bit of my brain said that too!! But then the professional part of my brain said "noooo!! be nice" :) x


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Ha, a tiny weeny bit of my brain said that too!! But then the professional part of my brain said "noooo!! be nice" :) x
That'd just be cutting off your nose to spite your face. I'm glad she came back.

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Great job!!! And she came back because you acted in a professional way. Just the words £10 nails should have customers running for the hills. If that is really what they want, they will never appreciate what you do.

Sometimes going through this is a good thing!!! Well done for keeping your head.

To be fair to the client she was helping one our own out by letting her practise! But maybe she shouldn't of charged a tenner!!!

This says it al


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I don't do much clients now that I am so busy with teaching.

Sometimes, a client calls me up for an appointment and I'm not able to fit her in. So I actually end up encouraging her to go to see if she can find someone else..!!

A few times she has gone to someone else but always comes back to me. She says that shellac service elsewhere in the area is not nearly as good as mine.

I think sometimes clients can only know you're good if they have comparision. If they have gone elsewhere and come back, then reassure she will be with you to stay. If they have gone somewhere else and not come back, then it's probably time you took a look into your work and see if there are areas in which you can improve on.
Keep the faith :)
Greetings from Belgium


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The same thing has just happened to me, you just have to try and remember that quality will win through every time in the end - glad she came back in the end - it kinda says it all x