E file hand piece repairs?


Hi guys does anyone or can anyone recommend someone to repair my hand piece on my efile. It has a loose or split wire not even sure if it can be repaired. It's urgent as we all know the last thing I need this time of year is a new efile.
It's the mani supa pro the one s2 had for sale few years back.
Thanks in advance jo xx


CND Grand Master tech
I've got one too. I wanted some bits for mine and as sweetsquared where the only uk distributors and don't stock them any more I was at a loss. I had to contact Kupa direct in California and get them sent over. Postage was more than the 2 e-file bits I needed. Was not a happy bunny but there you go.
NSI and young nails sell and maintain e-files so it might be worth giving them a call. Sorry I can't help further. But A little birds tells me Kupa will be back on the uk market very soon. :) :wink2:


I messages kupa a while back and sadly got no reply. Going to have to buy a new efile the cost of which is not good at this time of the year:sad:


But A little birds tells me Kupa will be back on the uk market very soon. :) :wink2:
Oooo has anyone else heard this? I'm looking to invest in my first efile / drill and have heard great things about Kupa but would like somewhere I could also train using this model and also have the machine maintained if necessary.

If this isn't the case, can anyone suggest an efile that is of similar standard?

Many thanks!