ebay selling is it easy?


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I've got some household things I'd like to sell, daft things like a disco ball and some books and odds and sods.

I tried setting up as a seller a while back but for some reason it wouldn't process.....am considering setting up again but wondering has it been simplified.....and more importantly....is it worth it?

do you find that selling on the site is more hassle than its worth, do you find that by the time you've posted and packaged and ebays fees that you wished you hadn't bothered?


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Not worth it lol


Two words: soul destroying!

I have mountains of stuff to get rid of....some that I should even be able to get a decent price for (as in my vintage clothes) but the fees and the hassle far outweigh the proceeds at the end as it rarely goes for what it should :(

If you want to use eBay, look out for the free listing weekends. They usually announce them in your alerts on a Friday if they're going to do one that weekend.


I tried it once, Oooooofffff, never again, far too many picky questions, you literally live by your computer. It can be a hideous experience. Of course it's a discount site too, so don't expect to get much.

My mum has asked for me to put a keyring up for £2.50. She won't get it. I don't want to bother, I wonder if ebay is yet to shock me, though.


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I've sold 1 thing. Always list free listings and I've put the rest up 3 times now and it's good stuff people just dont want to buy it! So I've decided to pack up everything, pay the tenner for the space and have a boot sale in a couple of weeks :) I made loads at the last one but I took cupcakes haha x

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Ive sold alot of things in the past (mainly after xmas) and done quite well on a few things. Mainly games i wont play again, they sell like hot cakes. But clothes etc honestly isnt worth it as the sellers fees and final value fees are so high i havent bothered unless i really want to get rid of something. You have to be willing to part with items at very low prices just incase it does go for virtually nothing. if not id say list as buy it now and let people offer on it..


Ive sold a few things, but wasnt impresses. People dont want to bid, so if you put it to auction you are most likely to sell for starting price IF you actually sell it. Had a few things to get rid of (and quite pricy ones), they didnt for a good price, not what i hoped for, and then ebay charges you, and then paypal takes a certain amount off and you end up with nearly nothing. Plus you may have to relist more than twice :-O

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It depends what kind of stuff your selling some of my things have went for more than I expected and other things i've got £2 or something and it wasn't really worth my while. If you have an iPhone I prefer to put things up for sale using the app, find it quicker than doing it on the pc! x


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I used to have an ebay shop so can probably help with any specific questions you may have.

If the stuff is sitting around doing nothing and you have some time on your hands then anything you earn is a bonus I guess.

However, you are dealing with the great british public!! LOL

You have to photograph your item, list it, watch your computer regularly to be available to answer the gazillions of dumb questions, then pack it up, take it to the post office and deal with someone who complains about their £3 purchase! LOL (And you have your ebay and paypal fees to deduct from this).

Branded items and designer clothes do much better than general household stuff.

What about having a car boot sale? Would be a busy day and early start but it's all done and dusted in the one go. xx


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We list on ebay on the free listing days but I too find it very hit & miss for getting what you expect things to go for.

We have fount Ebid a better site. Its the same kind of thing as Ebay but there are no listing fees and much lower final value fees. It is getting more and more busy as time goes on too. Here's a link to join if you fancy giving it a go.


I have been on EBay circa 10 years with varying success buying and selling.

Admittedly I bought more than I sold but every now and again when there were free listing weekends I would gather up some bits and pieces and give it a go.

However, it is time consuming and sometimes feel it's not worth the hassle half the time, the time you pack it go to the post office.

Also with the fees, well they nickle and dime you for everything and if paypal is used you cough up even more.

Since coming stateside I have to confess to going to the odd yard sale on my way to the spa so another vote for the car boot route if you have the heart for that Ann!


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I'm so glad to read this thread. Like the OP, I have some bits I could do with getting rid of and wouldn't mind getting the little bit of extra cash. However, I'm sceptical about whether ebay is worth it.

Looking through the posts, there doesn't seem to be much in favour of ebay - you get low prices for your items, there are selling costs involved and it takes quite a bit of effort.

Unfortunately, I simply don't have enough stuff to get rid of to warrant doing a car boot sale and I think spending all day outside and returning home with lots of bits would be soul-destroying.

There doesn't seem to be a simple answer but then, nothing easy was ever worth it, was it?


Hi I use eBay every now & then when I can b bothered, it's soo much easier with the iPhone app. It literally takes minutes to write a quick description and take & upload the photo. I think what u get for stuff goes in swings & roundabouts, kids clothes seem to do the best.. I've had someone pay £11 for my daughters skirt from next which I paid £10 for! Then I've just put some brand new Dior sunglasses on worth £250 and got £44..bit gutting. I find if I put 5 or so items on at once, then overall what I get isn't too bad..& it's just stuff that would be in bags cluttering my spare room.
Give it a go, it's worth a try..x


I love Etsy.......so if you have anything vintage.... (even from the 90s) clothes, accessories, home interior stuff, art stuff......etcetc...you can list it on there for next to nothing. It's not an auction site but you put the price you want for it. You can also sell supplies (lots do mainly crafty type supplies but there may be others?) and also hand made items. Def worth checking out and seeing if other items of what your selling are on there and hence if there's a Market for it.

Just an idea!


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I used to use eBay but they became too expensive and too much hassle!

Now I have been using a site called Bonsoni.com it seems ok so far and sold few stuff - also I am advertising my service on their service section for free. :D