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Hi everyone,

I'm looking for an eco friendly/ biodegradable/ compostable wax - if such a thing exists?

I know about sugaring - I'm not currently trained in this but I am considering if I cant find a more sustainable hair removal option.

I currently use outback organics and LOVE it! However, although its organic and very natural it's not overly environmentally friendly I do all types of waxing and use both strip and non-strip wax. I'm very busy with waxing and have a good reputation for it - I just cringe a bit when I see a full bin of wax waste at the end of every day knowing that it's going to landfill

I would consider training in sugaring but I'm a bit ignorant to it if I'm honest and I'd worry learning a new technique would take a long time to master and potentially damage my good reputation. Also, not 100% sure how sugaring works with intimate waxing?

Any advice or recommendations would much appreciated!

Thank you in advance

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I can totally see why you want to reduce your carbon footprint but wax that’s used falls into contaminated waste, so any wax you use it’s going to end up on a landfill.

However, some waxes like paraffin take decades to degrade - but they do degrade. I haven’t found anything specific for body waxes so this may not be the case. Sugaring of course wouldn’t be reducing the impact as the sugar industry has high impact on habitats and water usage.

But, in the grand scheme, at the moment we can do our best to reduce impact of other items as much as we can. The world is changing slowly but it is changing.

Things you can do:
1) Check all your products and switch to vegan ones (no animal products means lower carbon emissions due to the amount that goes into raising an animal, feeding it, watering it, slaughtering it, the rainforest is being eradicated for meat rearing and growing soy beans to feed the animals. The amount of soy to feed one person for a lifetime is nothing compared to that needed to feed all the meat on top of all their other pollution etc). There’s plenty of documentaries but one vegan meal is the same as taking a car off the road for an entire year compared to a meal with meal so imagine the impact of only using vegan products for every client!

2) Recycleable disposables. Where possible use disposables. Most of them are eco now. Instead of washing them and using water and electricity, and polluting the oceans, a compostable towe is gone within 2 months! You can get towels and bedsheets, wraps, face towels...wax covers. Cut any blobs of wax off for the bin first (usually minimal) et voila.

3) Ask clients to bring a pair of lucky (old) pants for waxes. If they usually opt for a disposable thong include a bit in your preparation about save the planet and wear old pants. Old knickers with holes end up on landfills anyway.

4) Use timers for your wax pots if you forget to turn them off

5) Use reusable ‘cotton rounds’ (breast pads are best, nice and big)! For anything that isn’t near eyes. Wash on 60 degrees.

6) RECYCLE THE POTS THE WAX COMES IN. The actual wax and strips and sticks look like a lot in a bin bag because they stick to the sides. In actuality, compressed it’s not much at all. I’ve never once filled a black bin more than half full every two weeks even when i’ve got clients coming out my ears. Squish it down so you can really see that impact for what it is.

I hope this helps!!