Educating NSS clients?

Hi lovelies. I’m just wondering how you all approach educating hardcore NSS clients that your nails are worth the change and, in some cases, the extra money.
Obviously WE know the reasons but it seems to me that a) they rarely give a monkeys if their nails are chewed up as long as they come out with a decent set of nails and cheap too, and b) telling them how a nail apex helps strengthen the nails falls on deaf ears when wild horses couldn’t yank off their extensions anyway!
What has worked for you?


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If they are hardcore NSS I wouldn’t try to educate them as they probably already know.
My clients that have been to them in the past have come to me because they had a bad experience or friends have persuaded them to stop going
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I would ask them to ask the nail bar they go to, to show them their certificates and explain what products they are using. If they can - great! - If they cant.... just let your friends find out for themselves.


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Sometimes people only learn when it physically hurts them or someone they know. If its quick and cheap and you suffer no ill effects, why would you stop? We never expect anything bad will happen to us, which is why people still drink, smoke, eat fatty foods etc. We are constantly educated on the potential ill effects of loads of things, yet we continue to do it.