Electronic consultation form or app, cloud based


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Im really struggling to find the following information.

I was wondering does anyone know of or use an electronic consultation form or app? our salon has way to many client cards and it is becoming more and more difficult to keep these safe and in a orderly fashion.

I would need something the client is able to sign to consent to the treatment and that they have received and passed the patch test requirements.

Would be very grateful for any recommendations.


I use Google Forms for consultations, I made a medical history questionnaire to identify contra-indications which the client can complete before they come in, it's good and it's free!. A friend made me a filemaker pro database for my clients but, to be honest, I still prefer my old fashioned record cards.


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thank you for the response. I'll look into these options.

Greg Mac

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What Beauty-UK said is a great idea and i recommend this all the time to Salons. Some online Booking systems allow for integration with this too and as such all client cards and GDPR consent is done electronically too. Fell free to DM me if you need some further info on anything to do with GDPR and what affordable online booking platforms allow integration with Google docs for this purpose. I setup about 4/5 account like this a week so happy to help.


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Hi Greg,
Sounds interesting.I will be in touch