Emergency scissors

Discussion in 'Hair' started by k_lee110788, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. k_lee110788
    Help! I have lost my scissors, been searching everywere for 2 days and they have just gone my spares are worse than paper scissors so I need some fast. I'll get myself another decent pair once I can afford it but I only have £37 in my bank. Im just starting up mobile so only do around 2 cuts per week so a cheap pair will do for now. Is there anywerw online I can get a pair for under £37 (inc delivery!)
    The spare ones i have were £15 on ebay and were fine for 2 haircuts but now just bend the hair so something better than that if possible!
  2. k_lee110788
    Im absolutly gutted because the ones I have lost were £125
  3. Ladiva83
    Try Sally's or Aston and fincher they both do them around £30 x

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