Enhancements popping off?

i have recently qualified as a level 2 & 3 nail tech and have just got a job in a salon with a girl in my college class,but atleast 5 of our clients have called up and complained saying that their nails are just 'poppin off' within a few days/a week! our boss has said it must be how we have been trained but were not so sure! i do my own nails and families/ friends and none of there nails 'pop' off? any suggestions what we can do to make them last longer? x

hi there

what products are you using, an are you using primer on the natural nail plate before acrylic is put on?
also is it tips you are using and are these sized correctly? or is it sculptured nails that you are doing?
i find if the naturals nails are properly prepared for either tip application or sculpts, then they should not 'pop' off!
quality products also will stop this problem as you only get what you pay for!

if you need any more info, just ask x :)


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I just love it when a client says "It just popped off"

I have been doing nails for near on 20yrs but only qualified recently and in al my time of doing nails on myself and doing them as dodgy as they come, I have never had a nail just pop off.
I have even gone out of my way to do a really bad set, using no primer, bad mix ratio and no prep work and the nails lasted with no infills for over 6 weeks and they didn't budge one bit.
So I find it amazing that client say their nail just pop off.

It normally comes down to prep work and bad sizing with tips as some of the big culprits, if this is actually happening.
Are you both using the same batch of product?
How old is the product?
Is it good quality product?
Maybe it has seen better days and needs replacing cause the primers is too old or the L&P is too old and not adhering correctly.
Are you both making the nails not too thin?
Is your mix ratio right or do you both struggle with it?
As already suggested, are you using tips, are you sure you are both fitting them correctly. Were you taught to use a smaller sized tip V's a larger sized tip if it doesn't exactly fit, if you were taught to go smaller this could be your problem.....it puts too much pressure on the enhancement, as the product sets it shrinks slightly, then add a tip that is already too small and you could imagine what could happen.
Are you making sure you are wiping all cuticle eraser off thoroughly and dehydrating the nail really well before going into your application?

You would be surprised that one small step not being done correctly, can make all the difference.

Maybe if you tell us your all your steps and what products/brand you use, we might be able to help more.

I caught a nail on something once and it did 'pop' off (one I'd done myself when I was just starting out). I've since learned that my problem was laying on the acrylic too thick and not patting it into the nail well enough on application, therefore not creating enough bond between the nail and the acrylic. It's been the cause of a lot of my lifting problems and I finally feel I've got there now. This tutorial really helped me with this http://www.salongeek.com/nail-application/9200-product-control-part-4-zone-3-making-disappear.html

Prep is definately the most important thing spend a little longer on each step and u should notice a big difference x