Essie or Morgan Taylor-which one to choose?

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I'm renting a nail table very soon and wonder what nail polish to offer/use? I looove Essie products and use a range of their polishes already in my work, however, I was given a free bottle of Morgan Taylor (which was fab) and now I'm unsure what to use. I would need the promotional stand etc so don't want to fork out for either one and change my mind...Or should I just stick with what I know?

It would be great to hear off any Morgan Taylor users to see what their clients think!

Thanks in advance
why can't you offer and use both? they are both good quality brands, and I'm sure different clients would like both. is there a way to have two smaller stands for both rather than one large one for the one brand. if that makes sense? but maybe keep in mind that essie is now sold in boots so very accessible to people. whereas I dont know about morgan taylor, I've only seen it since training on trade websites. so that might help sway you a bit?


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I would certainly be looking at more than just those two brands before making up your mind which polish to stock. Essie has gone to consumer no longer a professional only range as for MT, I see nothing new apart from the name.

There is allot of excitement in the market at the moment concerning polish ... I wouldn't make up your mind without investigating it! It is very easy and cheap to trial just one bottle ... And I think a trial would would maybe change your mind.


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Choose vinylux! !!

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Given that most professional brands are suitable to work with, I would be taking into account which brand offered the best range of colours because you wouldn't want a client to be put off by a lack of choice. Some brands also have nicer mani/pedi products than others so this could be a factor too.


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Essie is too widely available to the public so I no longer see this as a professional brand, I have a couple of colours that I like of theirs but I haven't and won't invest in their range. It's all in boots now.
I use vinylux personally but out of those 2 I'd say Morgan Taylor.
Only you can make that choice Hun- everyone loves what they use, have to weigh up what is important to you in the brand a try a few out. As a mobile tech starting out the fact my Clients can go and purchase a colour they have had in a mani in boots like essie doesn't really affect me as they still want me to the manicure and they rarely have the same colour twice. I've missed the retail but in all honesty I don't have the capital, the space or the opportunity to do a massive amount of retail myself. Nor do I use much regular polish in any case! X
Wow...Thanks to you all for replying! Totally forgot that Essie is available on the High Street, which as you've said does take the shine off it. I do love the colour range though and it was that factor that swayed me to them, I haven't used any of their spa/manicure range though.
I have also forgotten that may prospective clients are interested in Shellac, Artistic etc so a 'regular' polish may not do anymore. Hmmm, food for thought me thinks
I mean I still use nail polish for my enhancement clients and the older ladies who want a normal manicure and pedicures. so dont think to yourself you dont need some polish, but maybe for retailing think about the gel polish or alike brand you will be using as that will be the way to sell the polish, the matching colours!