excessive skin growth from my nail bed!

Really puzzled about this one - I have had acrylic overlays on for about 6 months and just recently I have noticed that under my free edge, I have quite a thick transclucent skin growing from my nail bed - forgot a lot of my technical terms and wondered what this was. Its not on all my fingers and there are no signs of infection.

I remember in college that the tutor used to put cuticle remover under the free edge so this could just be a normal occurence. However, if wouldn't want to 'mess' with it as it is a little bit sensitive.

Any pearls of wisdom about this greatly received

Jan x

jac extreme

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It sounds like you have an over growth of your hyponichium, this was discussed on here a while ago, I was told on a training day that you can put a little cuticle remover under the free o help ease it back but you should not attempt to push it back with any sharp instrument as you can break the seal and allow infection in. try this link "nails not shedding hyponychium"


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I had this excess of hyponichium under both my thumbnails and still have it under both index finger and my little fingernails. Ive never been able to change it although having gone to a different salon recommended by my friend (should have followed my gut instinct as her nails are always dreadful) this wretched woman ignored my repeated attempts to pull my hand away and kindly drilled it away under my left thumbnail. It was sore for weeks :( Nearly three weeks ago in a freak accident with a kitchen door I managed to rip the acryllic tip from my thumbnail and it took the natural nail away from the hyponichium as it went. I spent ages with a plaster on my thumb but as the exposed hyponichium dried and the nail came away it seemed to dry and flake away and now both my thumbs look like anyone else under the nail. I dont recommend the technique though :eek: From what I have learned in class I have been lucky to get away with out infections both times. I always tell anyone who works on my nails its there as its surprising how many dont notice because its extremely sore if they cut it trimming back for new tips, use the wrong shaped forms or use their electric files to clean under the tips. I have tried using oil and gently pushing it back a little each time but I personally find it doesn't work for me, worth a try though. There's nothing wrong with it being there as long as everyone who does anything to your nails knows it. I dont know if its connected but those nails for me seem to grow quicker and are usually less prone to issues when I'm 'tip free'.
It is just strange that I have never had it before and can't understand why it has built up so much. My natural nails have been extremely long recently with my overlay on and I don't know if this has anything to do with it?
I have filed them down now. Will check out the link now