Extensions - Clip In V Permanent


Your preference and why?

Personally never had permanent so i dont really know if i can comment on my own thread :irked:
But i will anyway.. i love my clip ins but ive not yet worn them out as im a bit worried il end up walking through a club with one atatched to my leg! :eek: lol with the bonded ones i think id feel alot more confident in them

tracey louise

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i too have only tried the clip in ones and i love them.i dont think i could have the permanent ones done because i think they would annoy me.although the permanent ones probably feel more comfortable.i wear my out with no problems and ive had them in all day and evening with no problems.i just get annoyed with them so by the evening im quite ready to take them out.there obviously not the same as having your own real long hair.i find the clip ins get quite knotty and i want to brush them all the time as i would imagine the permanent ones do,even though i have the spray that is suppose to help prevent that.so anyway i think for me i would choose the clip ins,plus you dont get any gap from the hair growth.:)


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i had permanent ones at a well known london salon - i paid over 500 hundred pounds for them and they were rubbosh kept fallin out and the service from them was disgusting!

Saying that my friend has racoon and they are AMAZING!

Clip in look good but exactly imagine having one caught in the back of our top!!!!

becki x

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I hate having extensions in,when i was my hair i like to give my scalp a good scrub,the same with brushing. I also like to keep my hair in good condition so i would never not be able to use a conditioner.

Clip in every time for me :D


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Have any of you thought about professionl tailor made clip ins? I offer these to my ladies as is a fantastic option for ladies who only want to wear exensions for certain occasions and not all week, I do this by preparing a track on your hair, this being a very fine braid strengthend by synthetic hair, I then select the hair colours closest to your own, (or the colours you wanted) and sew the weft onto the clip in a much more secure way than the pre designed ones you get. Because you attatch them to a track they are much more secure and wont ever fall out, the braids are so thin that when you take you clip ins out you and cover the fine braids up with the rest of your hair nobody would even know the tracks were there.
When I trained in Hair extensions I learnt 10 techniques as opposed to product training, there is many more options than you realise.

The knotting and matting in extensions comes from poor quality hair, it may say 100% hair but it will more than likely be 100% hair treated with something, silicone and chemicalsetc you can usually tell hair quality by how it smells, bad quality hair smells quite plasticy and awful.

Im confident the hair I use it 100% human hair and is of the highest quality.