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Sorry if this question has been asked a million times before, but I have been really disappointed with my current supplier Glamourous length. The hair shade never seems to match up with what's on the colour wheel. Amongst this there are many other issues which has made me want to find another supplier. I'm just after people's recommendations please??



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Additional lengths Remi cahet is amazing on colour match. The ring is £99 but so many colours to choose from and great match when hair comes in xx


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Try Glamlox Hair Extensions, the hair is superior quality.

Hair Rebellion

Formally Lush-Us UK
Would you also consider us?? We have been a supplier of hair extensions for over 10 years and we were formally called Lush-Us UK. We sell 5A grade Indian Remy as well as Double Drawn Temple hair and Virgin Peruvian Double Drawn. We are confident you will love the quality and price of our hair! You can request a sample pack from our website and look at what we have to offer http://www.hair-rebellion.co.uk/hair-rebellion-sample-pack-575-p.asp

Organic Russian Hair

Trade and retail sales of Beautiful Hair

New to the industy but used this hair myself. It's Russian ponytails, each ponytail is from 1 person only colour rings are 35. The darks are virgin and the lighter colours are pre lightened on the head before harvesting.




We can recommend our hair which is 100% Human, double drawn hair which can be premium or standard quality to suit any hair type or budget. It is available in various tones and shades and we can even create a bespoke mix of 2 colours to create an accurate match. Our hair can come in various forms such as: loose, pre-bonded, weft or clip-ins. Well provide free samples as well- If your interested in using our hair don't hesitate to give us a call: 02085276166 for more details.

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Wonderful Hair~


I trained with belle and obv there glamorous lengths , worst hair I've used ! ... I love SJK hair ! X

I use sjk, the have a huge range of colours, lengths and grades and another bonus is that they are based in the U.K so delivery is quick! As long as the correct aftercare advice is given and they use their products the hair is great!


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We use hair rehab -amazing hair!

SJK hair , rapunzels , Archie Lloyd & pro salon hair x