Extra dark mist application help!

Hi all!

I trained with Ellisons using St. Tropez. I’ve done an extra dark spray today and it looked amazing, I did all my steps using barrier cream etc buffing mitt you name it! Client messaged me 3 hours later and even though I wiped her hands her palms and fingers had gone green! And there’s a line alongside her thumb. I was sooooo careful but I feel like I really messed up on this tan and because the colour is so dark I’m worried to use it again. I haven’t had this problem with the luxe oil or classic formulas. Any tips for tanning hands and fingers?? I use the steps that I was taught but if there’s a better way please share! Xxx


Another picture


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When I spray the underside of the forearm I use a “palm to palm” technique. So when spraying place your hand on their palm and then just spray down the arm as normal you are using your hand as the barrier, which makes for a nice even blend & no need to wipe their palms after either! After I get them to turn their arm over, spray down the forearm then ease off as you get to the back of the hand, get them to spread their fingers nice & wide and do a lighter spray on the back of the hands so the knuckles don’t “grab” the tan, these techniques make for a lovely tan which looks natural & even! Hope this helps you xx


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I do exactly the same as @fluffy26 . i don't use any barrier cream at all though, i found using it gave me a lot of issues. Since i stopped using it my tans turn out perfect xx