Eyebrow lightening


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Hello beauty geeks, just wondered if you could help me.

I have naturally dark hair, almost black eye brows and eyelashes, even though everyone in my family has light eyebrows and eyelashes, (milkmans???)

I would like to have my hair lightened but when I did this before my eyebrows stuck out something terrible!!

Is it possable to lighten the colour of the eyebrows and eyelashes? Might be an obv question but ive only ever seen them being darkened before,


Lou x

Some people have hairs bleached but when you are dark they go ginger so i wouldnt advise it.
Why do you want them lighter?


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I've not heard of any product to do this but would be interested to know if you can. I assume if you could then you would be able to buy a lightening dye in eyelash tinting kits (I haven't seen one). I have just put up with dark eyebrows when I've dyed my hair-it looks a little odd. What I do now if I want to go lighter is have highlights rather than a full head of colour then it is not so much of a contrast :)


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Some people have hairs bleached but when you are dark they go ginger so i wouldnt advise it.
Why do you want them lighter?

Just because they're so dark even lightening my hair to a light brown it makes them stand out and instantly makes the hair colour unatural,


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My eyebrows are very dark brown and my hair light mousey brown naturally as my mum is a red head and my dad has jet black hair!!! It is actually normal to have darker eyebrows than hair :)

I guess you may be stuck with your hair colour though if you think it is thaat dramatic unless someone has a solution :cry:


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Yep, there is such a product, its by RefectoCil, Bleaching paste for eyebrows. I got some from Excel, i think it was the Hive stand. Can't say i have used it yet though!

You can mix it with the other colours in the range to get a specific colour brown/red etc

Hope that helps!!

Sassy Hassy

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Why would you want to lighten them, surely that must look odd? Especially as so many natural blondes have their eyebrows tinted to make them darker and stand out more!!! Maybe a little more shaping would work better and so give the illusion of them not being so dark?

Sassy Hassy is right about the shaping. A little thinner will give the illusion of lighter eyebrows!

But why lighten your eyelashes? Considering we tint eyelashes, where mascara, use dark eyelash extensions, I would love mine to be naturally dark so I wouldnt have to do all this. Also your eyes would look strange and people would be too busy looking at them rather then your newly lightened hair!!!


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Sounds like you have stong hair- A higher % of bleach would be needed to lift the colour.
The orange tinge is the shade of colour a few levels before blonde is reached[refer to colour a wheel]
As a toner is used in hairdressing to help hair such as yours even & loose that brassy look maybe you require one also briefly on your brows.
Considering all the above ...... I'd suggest you talk to the hairdresser that does your colour[if any] or pop in and have a chat with a reputable salon colour technician.
I have on occassion had the colour from my hair applied to my eyebrows-[could cause sensitivity in some as with hair colours] but best tried under the supervision of someone used to working with stronger bleach.