Eyebrow Shapes

Well ive been thinking of getting a complete reshape and was wondering the best place to go.

I was going to go to the brow studio and have shavata do them but i can not be bothered to get the train up to london and then take the tube as i have a real phobia about them so that is out so i was wondering where there were any other places outside of london that concentrate on brow shaping.

there are many salons round where i am but nont that specialise in it and i must admit from what ive seen and heard from people that when you go to a specialised place for something the service and performance of the staff is much more superior mainly for the fact that , that is what they are doing day in and day out.

so i guess i was wondering what you all thought. do you think that someone that is specialised in a area would perform the task better than someone that doesnt.

also the fact is once the hair is gone its gone well at least till it grows back lol

look forward to hearing from you
id say theres nothin worse than having your eyebrow looking a mess.

I had a girl do mine and insisted i needed them bigger errrrr so she coloured them in brown pencil they looked fowl
so never been there again just do them myself now:)


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Tracey - did you ever get your eyebrows done?


i'd hope that ne good beauty specialist would be able to do a good job on your eyebrows, i think the best thing to do is ring and ask for a consultation about your eyebrows then u can discuss them with the beautician & they can ping some ideas back at you?


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You dont need to be an eyebrow specialist to be good at eye brow re-shapes.

I do stacks of eyebrows waxes a week but I dont specialise in eyebrow waxing,in particular.

Eye brow re-shaping is something that needs an in depth consultation because it is very important that the therapist understands what the client wants,and what is achievable.

For instance,if the client has a very tunnel shaped eyebrow then putting in a nice arch is sometimes impossible.

Personally I would talk to some of your friends,find out where they go and get a recommendation of a good therapist that is skilled in eye brow re-shapes.

Decide what you want,maybe have a look at some of the stars and take a picture or 2 to the therapist so she/he can get a good idea of what exactly it is you want.

Good luck.xx