Eyelash extension brands, sizes and glue - help

Hi all, total newbie - I have seen some advice i need in older threads but some of them are a good few years old and things to change/advance..

What brands do you use for both lashes and glue.. im not after cheap but good .
What sizes/ curls do you most generally use so i can purchase a good starting base... Those for sparse/thicker lashes and the more mature please.

Appreciate any help.

Thanks :)


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The adhesive you use will depend a bit on your speed and experience but also on the room conditions so it is best to try it out and see which one works best. You might need to try it for more than one set to get the hang of it so dont give up after the first attempt. Also depending on your conditions you might need two adhesives to swap in between to counteract any fluctuation in the weather etc.
Regarding the lashes, C and CC are the most popular curls and either 0.12 or 0.15 would be good for classic lashes. You can also mix in some Ellipse lashes for a fuller look but I would try and keep the lenghts quite short x

Hello you, yes i understand about the conditions and have bought a monitor for this and of course im going to be slower was thinking of a 3-4 second..

0.12/15 was what i was thinking with no more than 12/13 in length.

Whats Ellipse lashes??


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Ellipse lashes are a type of flat lashes. Basically the curl and thickness are the same but the lashes have got a "squashed" base so they look wider but without the weight of a heavier lash. For example an 0.15 flat lash would look like a 0.20 lash but it only has the weight of a 0.15 lash. There is different types of flat lashes but the Ellipse is my favourite as it lets you change the direction of the lash and does not collect any adhesive in the grooves. lashshapes.jpg

Oh yes, i know what you mean..


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0.12 and 0.15 c and cc curl are the average lashes I would recommend however more and more people are using d curls and dd curls. If you want you can use flat lashes to create a fuller set of lashes without the added weight
Adhesive lashbase again and kg professional
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