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Been doing some research on lash extension courses/training in or close to London. The ones coming up the most since I've been researching are Eyelash emporium, Flirties and Nouveau lashes. I've completed a L2 in beauty therapy but have no lash extension experience so looking for a beginner course and would then like to complete a russian volume course

Any more reviews would be appreciated and any other suggestions?

Thanks x

Hi, there are some trainers now which offer a fast track straight to Russian volume course. I myself also teach this but I am based in Gloucestershire so maybe too far for you to travel. I can highly recommend Layla Hinchin she is based in Essex and she is a brilliant trainer x

I do recommend London lash , start with classics and then when you confident start Russian . Always check if trainer had won any competitions , don’t waste your money on trainers who didn’t win any . It’s important. I did my training with London lash , Her name is Joanna and I did course with just some little company. Huge difference.

London lash are amazing but also smaller independent trainers are amazing too! Speaking from personal experience my students who have taken the fast track Volume course have done fantastic and are brilliant lash artists so I disagree that you have to just start with classic lashes. I do however agree that you should look at your potential trainers work and reviews from students and also if they have won any competitions.


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Natalie fella is an amazing trainer near you, she’s an independent trainer, I would never bother with a large company again. Layla hinchen is also brilliant in Essex. Awards and competitions mean nothing, look at the trainers work and the students work.