Eyelash extension glue

Hi what brands do you recommend for eyelash extentions x


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I use lashbase extreme glue IMG_3174.JPG

i use lady Black eyelash extension glue... omg its amazing i get such high retention from lashes like my clients go 4 weeks without needing infills! so proud!


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some companies offer sample packs so you can try the adhesives before you decide. Flirties does a free sample pack with 3 different adhesives but i am sure other brands do something similar too x

I also use Lash Base extreme, you do have to make sure you store it correctly though, I had to get rid of 1 bottle early but it was my own fault for being lazy packing away!


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I love Flirties ultra adhesive!


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I use flirties expert and flirties ultra but it depends on the room conditions eg temp and humidity x