Eyelash extension retention has been bad since Covid?


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Sep 19, 2017
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San Francisco
Hey everyone idk whats goin on but maybe asking on here will help. Basically ive been using the same glue for the past 3 years and its from "Lash Makers" never had any issues regarding retention with it. I had to quarantine in march and reopened in july, used the same bottle of glue and had no problem. SO then in august we had to quarantine again and i closed. We were given the OK to reopen AGAIN in october so i decided that my old glue is probably not good anymore and decided to order the same exact glue from lash makers.

So now lately i have been seeing lash retention issues. I know its fall lash shed season but these clients arent losing their real lashes more so their extensions are just falling off. Its not ALL clients but ive had some of these clients come to me for 3 years and i have been using the same glue and theyve never had any retention issues. At first i was thinking, MAYBE ITS THE FACE MASKS? Because i have heard that the humidity from the mask is being directed up towards the eye so that may be the case BUT, none of my clients had this issue back in july when we reopened for that 1 month, they still had their masks on and i didnt have this problem. Could it be the new bottle of glue that i bought???? I compared my old glue bottle with the new glue bottle, again both are from the same company and the same exact glue. I compared the ingredients and noticed that the new bottle is missing one ingredient in the list which is "carbon" but i dont think that is what is affecting the retention. Anyone know what it may be or experiencing anything similar?


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Mar 21, 2011
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do you have a thermometer and humidity meter ? you can pick these up cheap on ebay . its so important to have the right humidity .
I find in my salon that about 21 degrees and 45-50 humidity is perfect for my glue any lowed or higher i run in to problems.
I also put the radiator on and open the window before a client to get the right humidity.
I do however find that wearing the masks and visor makes it more challenging as its harder to see and work with them.
I also work using a primer first and a sealant after which i think massively helps with retention

hope this helps

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