Eyelash extension retention


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Hello all, I am new to this cite as I have no where else to go and am feeling sad and very frustrated. I have been doing eyelash extensions for 2 years now and have had this problem with retention. I have purchased new glued but everything I am doing is just not making sense. I begin the lashing with a shampoo and rinsing throughly and completely drying and then I will apply the primer ( both from sugarlashpro). My next step is to as always isolate the lashes and begin applying. I have a glue that dries in 2-3 seconds and have little to no issues with stickies. I apply the proper lash length compared to the clients natural lashes and use a nanomister at the end of the application for about 15 seconds. The temperature in my house is around 24-25 and the glue is good from 23-28. The humidity is at 29% which I know is low but after doing online research it is not seeming to be a factor in the retention and a possibility was that I am using too much glue, but I don’t think I am. I apply a thin layer and you can never see it clumping. All the girls I have done lashes on have had to come back within any where from 1 day after to 4 days after as they have all fallen out. Someone please help me as I cannot seem to find the problem.


Hi ya, when you stick the lash on does it stick instantly? Also when you brush through at the end do many lashes come out? If you haven’t already alternate on different clients not using the shampoo/primer/nanomister and see if you get better retention. Maybe your glue doesn’t gel well with one of these? X

Lynne Malcolm

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Don’t use primer, it’s only intended for clients with oily lashes, you will dry the lash out,
Dry lash + low humidity = no moisture for lash to grab, it’s like chucking a dry bit of toast out into the desert. Get your humidity up. Nanomist throughout the set to create moisture and after cleansing don’t dry them. Cyanoacrylate needs moisture to cure , if the cure is too slow the polymerisation will stop halfway through and you won’t form the bond x