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Mar 23, 2019
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I'm wanting to take a course for lash extensions. I have found someone and have already had some other training with her and I know she is really good and her training is amazing but she is quite expensive and I do have to travel to her too.

Can anyone recommend anyone who you've trained with and we're 100% with the training and came out feeling you could lash right away?(I know girls who have trained and when they got home thought no I can't do this because their trainign wasn't great)

I want 121 training too so please only recommend


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Apr 17, 2016
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North Somerset
We're not allowed to mention trade prices here, but it depends what you call expensive. For the sort of training you're looking for, it's not going to be cheap. But thank if it this way, if you opt for a cheaper trainer and they don't train you adequately you'll more than likely end up paying out again for better training which will cost you even more! (Sadly this is what happened with my daughter).

You're right in doing your research now for the best training you can find. You want to be comparing course content with each trainer to see what is covered in the course, how long the course is, how many students per course (1-2-1's will definitely cost more obviously) and what Support is offered afterwards. Check who the course is acreddited by for insurance purposes and read any reviews.

In my daughter's case she started following lots of lash techs on social media to see whose work she liked best and that's how she found her trainer. She had to travel a bit but it was so worth it as she was so happy with the training and on-going support she has received (she went back after her 1-2-1 session and trained in Russian Volume as well).

So, if you think your original trainer can give you the best training I'd honestly say stick with her. In the long run it'll be worth the extra money and travelling.

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