Eyelash extensions coming off


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Hello everyone

I have not been doing eyelashes for a long time, I can do a nice set and it takes me around 2.5 hours as this is not something I do every day.

However I’ve noticed once I’ve finished my set and I brush through the clients lashes, loads of lashes come off and I’m not sure why as I’m making sure they are applied correctly to the eyelash.

Could this be a glue issue? Which is the best eyelash glue to use?


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Any replies please?


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Do you make sure your lashes are dry with the puffer before you brush through? I like to work completely one one eye and let it dry while I do the other one then I go back to the first eye and double check for missed ones then go to the second and do the same and use the puffer then brush through


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It might not necessarily be the adhesive you are using but possibly the room conditions. Have you checked how long the adhesive has been open and how it is stored in between use? Do you shake it before each use? Also do you know how warm or cold it is in your treatment room as this can have an effect on retention.
Dont be too disheartened as it would mean it isnt anything you are doing wrong and can be easily resolved x


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If you are using fast adhesive this could be the reason as this is drying before you secure the extension to the lash.
A tip would be not to collect any adhesive until you are confident the lash is isolated securely and you can work straight away if you pick the lash up coLlect adhesive and then isolate you loose seconds and those seconds are cruscil in the attachment.

Go back to medium adhesive, assess your work environment make sure you are working to the correct humidity levels