Eyelash extensions for Asian eyes by "poshlash"


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k, I think that working on someone who's asian is difficult in many aspects, but it can also be the easiest. Here's my reason why...
It's difficult because we have very thin lashes, and make it so flippin' difficult to isolate... (Once you have the isolation down pat, the rest is much easier.)

On the other hand, what makes it easy is that most of us asians have very sparse lashes, so the work gets done a lot faster since there are not a whole lotta lashes to apply and they are for the most part, short and straight, so that makes it easier for the attatchment of lashes from base to tip.

So, here are some tips I've aquired from servicing many of my asian clients from past and present.

tip#1. If you apply surgical tape to the upper lid just above the base of her lashes, and pull ever so slightly toward her temple and adhere, in most cases, the lashes isolate themselvs!!! HA!!!

tip#2. I mostly stick to using "J" or "B" curls for asians depending on the person. If an asian client has what I call a "hidden crease" as exampled below:
  1. where the natural crease of her eyes are not visible when her eyes are open
  2. her creases are covered completely by her upper lid, and her skin fold of her upper lids are sitting right on top of the base of her lashes, causing her lashes to face south, or in extreme case her lashes are sticking her right in her eyes ( I've seen these...)
If you were to apply "c" curls, all you would see are the very tips of the extensions, making her look "SUPRISED" all the time. (Not a good look for anyone.) The reason why it would look this way is because most of the base of the lashes you've worked so hard to put on are covered by her dropped or hooded lids.
If you were to apply longer "c" curls to accomodate for the lost length by her hooded lid, it would look artificial in most cases since majority of asians do not have naturally long, thick and curvacious lashes.

tip#3 For those asians who's inner corner drops lower than her outer corner, creating the very "slanted" eyes, I usually stay away from applying lashes to the very inner corner. If lashes are applied to the very inner corner in these extemely slanted eyes, that would cause her eyes to appear smaller and closed. "J" and "B" curls have very slight "believable" curls, and I feel they look much more natural on asians.

tip#4. The only time that I would use "c" curls on asians are when they have visible natural crease that are located in the middle of her lid, or have had surgery to "create" the crease where they are visible when her eyes are opened. In this case, the lashes applied are visible from base to tip, and is more "believable" or "natural".

tip#5. I usually go conservative in length, but to create that wow effect, will reach for the thicker diameters.

Unaltered Mongol Asian eyes (ie: Korean, Chinese and Japanese full blooded) are difficult to lash mostly because it's hard to predict/gauge what your true out come of your work is going to be when her eyes are opened after the precedure.

I always take extra time to check for 3 charecteristics in Mongolian Asian eyes.
  1. as she blinks, how much of her own lashes are retracting back to her eye socket
  2. are her lids laying on top of her lash line.
  3. are her inner corners dropping lower than her outer corners of her eyes
Happy Lashing~~~! :hug:
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I know this is an old thread but mega helpful, thanks!!! I have my first Asian client next week, very much looking forward to the challenge! X

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Really useful thread. Thank you x x


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Thank you for these tips!