Eyelash extensions glue


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Hi, what eyelash glue is everybody using? I'm currently using lash perfect and was wondering if there was anything better? x
Fierce clear by lash heaven is amazing. They also do it in black x


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I use Flirties expert and ultra and love it retention is great


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Flirties :) I've tried a few others but always go back to Flirties. They do expert which is their slightly slower setting then ultra in fast setting


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I'm new to all this, so i will prob need a lot of input, I'm looking to do my course at the end of june and need some recommendations on eyelash pads and lashes! also do people use a primer and sealer?
Thanks x


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I also use Flirties adhesive I love ultra and expert and their lashes, I would wait til
You've trained and then look at products though. X