Eyelash extensions not staying on but only on one client!


I have been doing Eyelash extensions for a couple of years now but recently I have one client who has express lashes done every two weeks of there abouts. However recently there have been a couple of occasions when the have needed to be redone after a week yet others where she has gone 3 weeks (not recommended). I do several sets a month and haven't had anyone else have this problem. The client is also a therapist as well as an eyelash tecnician and hasnt done anything different either. Anyone got any ideas of what might cause this?

Hope Ive explained this clearly!



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Hi Annie, hope you're well.

I don't offer express so can't really help in that aspect, but just wanted to say, are you sure she's not picking or rubbing. It's just I think if you are in the business, you tend to abuse your lashes more than if your not lol. Said completely from experience!!

We know what we should be doing but we don't always do it!!!

Hope you get to the bottom if it xxxx


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Hi Annie, you would just go through the same reasons you would for regular extensions as you would for express lashes. Prep, aftercare etc. If you are doing nothing different then it is most likely an aftercare issue, and probably something that has happened within that precious 48hr period after application. She is probably doing something she isn't even aware of like Blinkingorgeous has said xx