Eyelash extensions


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If the extensions you use doesn't have a primer? Or any kind of preparation steps before applying lash extensions what could be used? X

I use a cotton pad with some pre wax on and wipe over the lashes, as it's for removing oils etc! But just make sure once you've wiped over with the pre wax then wipe over again with clean cotton pads to make sure there isn't any left or else your glue won't stick x

You can also use witch hazel or a saline solution xx
Hi, my trainer told me diluted baby shampoo also works a treat


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Marvel-Lash do eye makeup remover pads, they cost around £7.00
Failing that, I just use oil free eye makeup remover xxx


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I haven't used primer for 5 years as I found it made no difference. I always use saline solution :)