Eyelash extensions?


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Hi I am due to do my semi perm lash course very shortly and I am trying to do some research on what lashes or glue to use please?


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I would wait until you have done the course as you will have a better understanding of what you need and your trainer should recommend products to (or supply a training kit) so that you can learn with those products for best results (the trainer should be most experienced in the products he/she is using) x


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Totally agree with wowbb,
Learning something new is hard enough on the short courses offered today. To then add into it another brand which may be very different from that which you trained with will be a nightmare.
Get qualified, get experience from family and friends and practice,practice,practice. if then it doesn't suit you,swap to another brand.
Trainers won't help you out if there are a few niggling problems and you tell them that you have swapped brands...you are on your own.
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